A Destination المكان المقصود

A casual setting with seating inside and out. The Flying Carpet turns Moroccan cuisine on it's head with a revolutionary vision to make ancient Moroccan culinary techniques relevant and modern.

ANCIENT Compromise is not a  word used in Moroccan kitchens; cutting corners, food costs, or profit margins, do not dictate our menu or preparation. That means no par-cooking, mass prep or long hold times. You order it, we make it. NO preservatives, added chemicals hormones or pre-prepared food.

MODERN In order to serve Austin's diverse and traveled clientele we must remain inspired. We do not let old traditions hinder our passion for exciting new food options. 



Spin on  a Simple Classic

Fresh orange slices topped with fried banana and dates sprinkled with Moroccan cinnamon and sugar.

Fresh Brewed Mint Tea

Time honored tradition dictates our methodology when it comes to tea. Only fresh garden mint and lots of it! Chinese hand rolled Gun Powder Green tea and Sugar. Brewed fresh each time you order it.

Organic and Local Whenever Feasible

Our purveyors are one of a kind and we pride ourselves in purchasing the best products available.