Well rested, tried, true and yes, motivated. The trip to Morocco brought forth emotions and revelations that were mixed, harried, sublime and bitter sweet. Living between two worlds is a tragic beautiful existence, much like being an entrepreneur; every day is a cliff dive paired with a great martini. Coming home was momentarily depressing. The trailer lot and building were trashed, half our plants died, our office and catering stash was a mash up from gigs done right before we left. Inspections were due for the trailer and our catering van needed tags, title and taxes paid. Not to mention that in our absence the bills and responsibilities did not disappear only lingered waiting for our return. Like children we contemplated running back to the olive groves, giant figs, expansive beaches and the vistas of our small farm in Morocco. On the precipice of closing The Flying Carpet, considering everything we would lose or gain we decided to keep going. There is no reticence in our return, rather a smoldering passion relit.  

As I tie up my 7th black trash bag of leaves mixed with trash (the condo construction next door has provided our lot with non-stop trash and foot traffic) I watch the sweat drip from my face to the dirt on the ground. I stretch my back as the sun beats down on me. My heart is beating hard and my mind is still. This is what it is about. Not just the food. It is about the bills, the trash, the marketing, the other trailers we rent to, the cleaning, the decorating, the negotiating and the shopping. It’s about the time with my sweet giant husband. His heart literally moves me to tears. We are moving mountains together, and however non-glamorous it seems; it is at these moments that I feel closest to my true meaning. Not when we do a TV spot or get written up in a magazine. When I am in the hot trailer listening to Santigold and watching Abdu on the grill at 9:30 PM on a Wed. night. It is when I am working with all of my body that I know what we are doing is right. Is it worth it? Not really applicable. Every moment is its own universe, so ‘right’ is where I want to be, let the cards fall where they may. The result, the end of the journey while ultimately important is NOT the measure of my happiness. It comes slowly with each movement, with a knife, a rake, a dish rag, or my own hands. Symmetry is overrated. Things are good here is the grey area, where lines are blurred and we just accept the messiness and heat.  

What my trip to Morocco taught me? To relax and stretch my body. To breath in the moment with my soul and stop the internal dialogue. To thoughtfully choose my food, it is OK to go hungry in search of the ‘right’ food. To believe in the divine mystery, things just do not HAVE to line up….further and most amazing revelation …when something is flawed, off, or hard to understand it can transcend limitation and become an all-encompassing feeling of truth and beauty.

Yes there were incredible meals with amazing bright beautiful people. Morocco is a hauntingly beautiful country. There were adventures and trials, and I am sure we will tell you many stories; but at its heart, our trip was a revelation how to live life well. I will let our food take you to all the places we went in Morocco. I will let it express our love, surrender and abandon. I will let it tell the story of finding nothing and then everything all at the same time.

We are cleaning and reorganizing our business. Things must change this year. We hope to be open Saturday September 5th. Thank you for your patience and support. I cannot wait to see you again.

Abdu and his beautiful mother.......love this one

Abdu and his beautiful mother.......love this one

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