Change Everlasting

Too long to wait for a blog entry; I know my friends. I have many excuses and even more compelling reasons. Do you want to hear them? Probably not *big smile*. I will spare you.

We are headed to Morocco and will be closed until late August and I wanted to tell you some things before we left.


I talk allot about revelations on my blog because the experience of the The Flying Carpet has given us an abundance of them. Here are the big ones…..

Maria & Abdu

This last year has been incredible for both Abderrahim and I. Our marriage has grown stronger this year, we seem to have found a rhythm to our daily disgraces and shortcomings as people. We forgive ourselves and each other more readily. Empathy abounds and has brought us through mind blowing stress and physical challenges. As a couple we form a rock that serves to shield us from almost everything that faces us. Running a business with your spouse is a daily meditation on self introspection, compromise and selflessness. Most days we are killing it but other days we are a miserable pair. Sharing this experience has intensified our connection, and challenged our commitment. We are unorthodox, exciting, infuriating, confusing, scary, and beautiful; and that is OK.

Islands in the Stream

Islands in the Stream

Our Esoteric Customers

I cannot, in words, express the variation, color, intensity and joy of our customers. Their patience, grace and generosity is awe inspiring. They are street performers, bloggers, farmers, chefs, professors, corp. CEOs, missionaries, New Yorkers, teachers, linguists, lawyers, NGO workers, entrepreneurs, politicians, taxi drivers, DJs, movie makers, YouTubers, yogis, mothers, fathers, Queens, priests, Imams, rabbis, precious children, Artists, Poets, cute dogs, models, restaurateurs, football players, university students, music producers, and yes celebrities. Many of our customers come to us because they cannot find themselves in other food. We are the Moroccan, American, Mexican, Muslim, Jewish, Pride Love Wins, open minded, free spirited crowd. We are mutts. Mixed again and again until we are NOTHING pure BUT something NEW. Our strength is love and our mission is to serve people who can imagine a world where everyone comes to the table as equals. Lofty assertions? Yes. But *this is* our customer base, loving, bright, tolerant people. So I am raising my glass to you! Thank you for your business…but most of all thank you for loving me and my crazy family. It is the fuel we run on.



Refugees, Immigrants, Foreigners, Aliens, Ancestors, Weary travelers, Gypsies, and Rolling Stones

When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. (Leviticus 19:33-34)

This quote sums it up for us. You are welcome for a meal and a hug if you need it. There is no political agenda or belief that we are better or worse than you. The abundance of the Lord is overflowing and all around us so we can share what we have; we have faith there will be enough.

Food quality

Our opinions on food have grown. We seem to have found new ways to source, and cook our food, they are not more convenient or less costly, they are just better. Taste is EVERYTHING. Health is vital. So we are taking our menu in the same direction we always have just expanding the core. That means more options. It does not mean we will be mass prepping, par cooking meat or buying processed chemical filled food. I want our food to be your medicine. I want to feed your soul with our flavors and feed your body and mind with its nutritious content. We have had some BIG name Mediterranean restaurants come to eat our food and see what they can poach from us (yes we knew who you were), this is not alarming in the least. Why? Because our recipes have the X factor; our main goal IS NOT personal wealth. You cannot replicate our passion or our commitment to the people we serve. Period. End of story.

What’s Next?

We are not absolutely sure what will come next. We have a food truck that will be downtown and at events this Fall. We hope to parlay that into an official restaurant at some point. We mostly want to keep getting better at what we do, spend more time with our son, and with each other alone. For now Morocco is on the horizon and there is not much more we can think about…..



Our son with Chaibia Abderrahim's beautiful mother

Our son with Chaibia Abderrahim's beautiful mother

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